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Erosion Control Category

Topline Woodwool for Packaging Materials in Mount Gambier Area - Limestone Coast - South East of South Australia - Western Victoria.


Soil erosion is a problem for every engineer. Effective prevention of soil erosion is best achieved through immediate treatment minimises soil loss and stimulates vegetative growth. Enviromat provides the solution.


What is Enviromat?

Enviromat is a biodegradable erosion control blanket that stabilises disturbed soil until vegetative cover is achieved.


Enviromat consists of popular woodwool contained within an external polypropyleve mesh. It degrades with exposure to ultraviotel light and climatic conditions with typical installations lasting between 12-36 months.


Enviromat protects the topsoil and seed from:

  • Surface erosion from rainfall impact
  • moisture loss through evaporation
  • temperature extremes

Enviromat works by protecting the soil from raindrop impact and reducing overland flow velocity.


Where is Enviromat used?

Evniromat is typically used in or around:

  • embankments
  • areas with heavy initial rainfall
  • low velocity drainage channels
  • areas subject to snow cover

Enviromat is installed following surface preparation and seeding.

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